Hello, my name is Joe Barnard,
I am the artist behind Guidedhand.com


I started out doing portraits of pets at an early age then advanced to portraits of people in my late teens. Starting with the basics drawing, pen & ink washes then on to pastels, scrimshaw, etching on stone and painting in acrylics.  I continue to do many Portraits on Monuments and other various mediums.  I now have over 30 years of experience in the Arts, utilizing a variety of mediums.   I  sculpt using various stone, including granite.  I also work with bricks & stone from Iconic buildings to preserve them Artistically.


I believe you should feel a piece of Art, not just see a picture. I have been Blessed in the Arts and If you are in need of a Unique gift of Art I would be Honored if you allowed me to create that piece for you!

Thank you,

What is the Best Piece ever created?

The one not yet created, but if created, I will no longer create.  So the Best is to Come

The Glory is His

Pen & Ink : Scrimshaw Art

Pastels & Etching : Art of Portraiture / Life Drawing / Monument Etching

Acrylic Painting and Clay Sculpture

Stone Sculptures

1980 - Present
I continue refine my art with all of my mediums, creating and doing commission work for a large number and range of people.